Pam, your educational advocacy services have helped us to navigate both professional appointments and interactions with the school. It has really allowed me to relax in these meetings knowing that you are there as an extra set of ears as well as to keep the focus on  what we all want- Justin to do the best that he can in the school environment – without emotion or defensiveness getting in the way. You have been a great liaison as well as helped me to really centre in on what is important and as a result I am feeling confident going into the new school year. Thanks so much Pam!

~ Trina, Parent of Preschool student

Pamela has been working with my son Adam for over four years. She started with him as his IBI instructor, and has continued to work with him as a tutor since he completed the IBI program. She has been an incredible resource for our family, helping us to navigate the school system and to ensure that Adam is getting all the support that he needs. She works closely with his teachers, to help reinforce what he is learning in the classroom, during her tutoring sessions at home. Adam has made huge strides, and is thriving at school. I give Pamela much of the credit for making that happen.

~ Erin, Parent of Grade 4 student

Our son has been with Pamela (Access Learning)  since she first started her business. From the very beginning she has displayed an incredible level of caring for her students.  This, in addition to her background in special needs, has helped our son who struggles with ADHD and ASD start to thrive in school and improve his self confidence and self esteem.  Even his teacher and SERT have commented on the changes. She has also been a valuable resource in advocating for our son within the school system and are forever appreciative of all she has done for us.
More recently,  Alhana has been working with our son and continued right where Pamela left off. She is not only extremely patient but able to identify his strengths and where he needs the added work. This, in conjunction with the teacher’s timetable,  keeps the topics geared toward real time class work making it more relevant to him. He has never had such high marks in some of his classes!

~ Shelley, Parent of Grade 8 student

Pamela has been a mentor to me throughout my seven-year teaching career. She has taught me strategies to help my students with complex learning needs. I am always amazed at the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom that Pamela has to share regarding students with LD, ASD, and ADHD. She has been able to guide me in best practices for helping my students learn and succeed. Whenever I face a challenge in my classroom, Pamela is always the first person I call for advice.

~ Céline, Teacher