Navigating obstacles,  unlocking potential.

Access Learning provides academic tutoring and executive function coaching to K-12 students across Simcoe County. Our experienced educators create customized lessons and develop positive relationships to build each students’ confidence and empower them to grow as independent learners.

Our top priority is our students’ mental health and attitude toward learning. Access Learning’s programs are designed to focus on your child’s strengths and interests while helping them develop new learning strategies. We encourage curiosity and celebrate the achievements of our students throughout our time with them. We value the input of parents and teachers and our whole-team approach provides consistency and structure, allowing successful strategies to transfer from home to school.

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NEW! Workshop for teachers this summer.

In this 1.5 hr workshop, Carley Whittle, OCT, will highlight the tools that new-to-coding educators will need in their K-8 math classrooms. Participants will learn basic computer science and coding vocabulary, and be introduced to many fun and engaging games for both block-based and text-based coding. Carley will lead the group through a variety of quality resources (jam-packed with engaging lesson plans and ready-to-use resources), both “plugged” and “unplugged”, as well as some cross-curricular teaching resources. 

Dates: Aug 10th or Aug 17th, 6-7:30 pm. Cost: $15

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Our son has been with Pamela (Access Learning)  since she first started her business. From the very beginning she has displayed an incredible level of caring for her students.  This, in addition to her background in special needs, has helped our son who struggles with ADHD and ASD start to thrive in school and improve his self confidence and self esteem.  Even his teacher and SERT have commented on the changes. Read more…

Shelley, Parent

Pamela has been a mentor to me throughout my seven-year teaching career. She has taught me strategies to help my students with complex learning needs. I am always amazed at the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom that Pamela has to share regarding students with LD, ASD, and ADHD. She has been able to guide me in best practices for helping my students learn and succeed. Read more…

Céline, Teacher