Access Learning is connected with a growing number of inspiring and helpful resources. The professionals we recommend are people we know and who believe, as we do, that kids do well if they can. We encourage you to research and find the right fit for your family, but think that these resources may be a great place for you to start.

– Assessment and Counselling –

Maaike Canrinus

M.A., C.Psych

As a clinical psychologist, Maaike provides psychoeducational assessments, psychotherapy for all ages, and workshops for parents.

– Assessment and Counselling –

Christina Orfanakos


Christina is a social worker providing a variety of counselling options for all ages, as well as parent workshops.

– Educational Resources –

This page is filled with affordable and effective resources for developing a growth mindset with your children. We personally use these resources with students to set goals and teach that mistakes are part of learning.

– Educational Resources –

Martha Kovack offers live, online training in structured literacy. We highly recommend her training for both parents and educators!