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Taking the Paper and Pencil Away: Using A Multisensory Approach to Learning

By the time a student starts with us for reading and writing support, they are usually feeling defeated in their abilities. Being asked to produce work on paper every day at school can feel especially draining to students who struggle with letter formation and spelling. Every student is different in their learning strengths and needs,… Continue reading Taking the Paper and Pencil Away: Using A Multisensory Approach to Learning

Meet the Tutor

Meet the Tutor – Juliana Allin

This week the Access Learning Blog returns to our “Meet the Tutor” series. We’re turning our lens around and getting to know tutor and author of this blog, Juliana Allin. Read below to learn more about Juliana and her role with Access Learning. Introduce yourself in a few words. Hi, I’m Juliana, tutor with Access… Continue reading Meet the Tutor – Juliana Allin

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Getting Off to a Good Start

The first week of the school year can be a frantic time! Students have new routines to learn, new assignments to start working on, new relationships to build, and new skills to develop. Sometimes, once the initial excitement of returning to the classroom fades and the school work begins in earnest, kids start to feel… Continue reading Getting Off to a Good Start

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Dear Teacher…

Good communication is the key to any successful relationship. Establishing a positive relationship with your child’s teacher in September can improve your child’s learning experience for the entire school year and it can help create transparency and consistency between home and the classroom. One way to initiate good parent-teacher communication is to send your child’s… Continue reading Dear Teacher…