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Preparing for the Next Grade: Focused Math Skills

As we start to plan for the summer, part of our job as tutors is to narrow down the math expectations that will be most beneficial to review. We have written out the foundational skills as checklists for students to use with their parents. The majority are based on the Number Sense strand of the… Continue reading Preparing for the Next Grade: Focused Math Skills

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Orton-Gillingham Makes Sense

I donโ€™t think I was taught phonics in school, or if I was, I didnโ€™t understand it. I can read, albeit at a slow speed, and my spelling is excellent but Iโ€™ve struggled with unfamiliar words my entire life. Even in university, I rarely read an entire article or assigned textbook chapter. I often justified… Continue reading Orton-Gillingham Makes Sense