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Preparing for the Next Grade: Focused Math Skills

As we start to plan for the summer, part of our job as tutors is to narrow down the math expectations that will be most beneficial to review. We have written out the foundational skills as checklists for students to use with their parents. The majority are based on the Number Sense strand of the… Continue reading Preparing for the Next Grade: Focused Math Skills

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Start the Year Off Organized

We often get requests for executive function help around exams. Executive functions are the cognitive processes that help people control their behaviour (emotional regulation, initiation, impulse control) and reach their goals (planning, time management, organization, self monitoring).  Though there are some strategies for studying and test taking that can be learned during crunch time, there… Continue reading Start the Year Off Organized

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Study Tips Part 2 (Just in time for June exams!)

Are you a teen thinking about spring exams? High school exams will be starting in the next couple of weeks, which means that it’s time to start flexing your study skills and working on keeping a positive attitude towards your learning.   Back in January, Access Learning shared our Top 6 Study Strategies when preparing… Continue reading Study Tips Part 2 (Just in time for June exams!)

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Get Out and Learn This Summer

Despite the cool weather lately, summer is on its way! Those 8 weeks of long days and warm nights bring lots of time to relax, but many parents are also interested in continuing the learning their children have been doing at school. The curriculum books you can find at Costco may be tempting, but chances… Continue reading Get Out and Learn This Summer