Meet the Tutor

Meet the Tutor – Emily

At Access Learning we have an team of incredible tutors who all bring something unique and meaningful to our community. We would now like to introduce Emily Tucci, an engaging educator with a passion for helping all learners. Read her thoughtful responses below.

How did you get involved with Access Learning?

I wanted to work with a company that has a strong focus on helping struggling readers. As an avid reader myself, I know how magical and liberating it is to be able to read anything I want and understand what I’m reading. One of my long-term teaching goals is to help kids learn how to read and, most importantly, enjoy reading. Access Learning provides a one-on-one structured literacy approach for students, which means students are learning in a systematic and explicit manner that integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

My other long-term teaching goal is to help kids learn the fundamentals of math in a fun and engaging way. I believe if young students have a strong understanding of early mathematical concepts and are taught to view challenges in math as learning opportunities, they will be more willing to persevere when they get to more difficult math concepts. Access Learning allows me to work with students who either want to build confidence in math or need extra help with reviewing the content they are learning in class.

How would you describe your tutoring style?

Flexible, adaptive, supportive, intentional*

*I create individual plans and activities based on student interests and needs. I might even spend too much time planning ahead, but it is important to me that students get the most out of each session.

What’s one piece of advice you always give your tutoring students?

Mistakes are proof you’re trying, and when you’re trying, you’re learning!

And: All things are hard before they are easy.

What do you like to do outside of tutoring?

You can usually find me: reading, hiking, spending time with friends and family, or researching farmhouse style home décor ideas.

Summer, spring, winter, or autumn? Why?

Autumn! I love the crisp fall air, beautifully coloured trees, cozy nights, and the perfect temperatures for running and hiking.

What is a quote that inspires you?

“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Witman