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Preparing for the Next Grade: Focused Math Skills

As we start to plan for the summer, part of our job as tutors is to narrow down the math expectations that will be most beneficial to review. We have written out the foundational skills as checklists for students to use with their parents. The majority are based on the Number Sense strand of the Ontario curriculum. Other important skills such as telling time, or understanding distance measurements, are not included but are often fun to incorporate into summer games and activities. (eg. How long were you jumping on the trampoline? I wonder how far that caterpillar has crawled, what could we use to measure the distance?)

It is also important to acknowledge that everyone learns at a different pace and with different strengths. You may find that your child can add and subtract grades ahead, but has yet to master multiplying for the previous grade’s expectations.

Choose the grade that your child will be starting in September for the math expectations that they have learned this year. For example, the Grade 2 list is based on the skills that are taught in Grade 1.

Contact us if you have any questions about how to check your child’s knowledge, or effective ways to practice and strengthen certain skills. For summer 2020, limited one-on-one, online tutoring spots will be available.