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Study Tips Part 2 (Just in time for June exams!)

Are you a teen thinking about spring exams? High school exams will be starting in the next couple of weeks, which means that it’s time to start flexing your study skills and working on keeping a positive attitude towards your learning.  

Back in January, Access Learning shared our Top 6 Study Strategies when preparing for the winter exam period. With spring exams approaching, here are a few more ideas…

For writers:

Try studying by using the column method. Fold your page in half, write questions to yourself on the left side of the page and answers on the right. This will make reviewing and re-writing notes more active and engaging.

For readers:

Grab some sticky notes to write questions on and put them over the answers in the notes you’ve made from class or readings. Highlight the key vocabulary needed for the answers, then check your understanding during your review by peeking under the sticky notes as you go.

For both strategies, think about the kinds of questions your teacher asks on tests; you can even look back at quizzes or tests from earlier in the term for examples and ideas. If you have a study guide, use it to help pick out the most important topics to review.

Ask a parent or a friend to quiz you using your well-prepared notes! The point of studying is to understand the material well enough to explain it to someone else. Typically this means putting your understanding into writing (unless you have accommodations for your exams), so practice answering study questions and reiterating information from your classes both verbally and in written form.

Access Learning teaches note-taking and other study strategies throughout the year so that exam time is less of a crunch. Let us know if you want to get ahead for next year and build some useful learning skills over the summer!