Meet the Tutor

Meet the Tutor – Alhana

Welcome to another installment of Access Learning’s “Meet the Tutor” series! This week we’re introducing you to Alhana De Faria. Alhana was the first Access Learning team member, helping to establish our student-led, strengths-based learning approach to tutoring. Our tutoring team truly enjoys working with her and all her students love learning alongside her! Read below and get to know Alhana better.

How did you get involved with Access Learning?

Honestly, I was looking for a job closer to my home in Orillia. At the time I was working in Mississauga and that was quite the commute! I came across the ad for Access Learning and took a chance at it. Turns out, Pamela and I had met previously at a camp we both worked at together. We share many of the same experiences and values when working with children. I think we connected immediately and I was eager to learn more about how I could contribute to her business.

How would you describe your tutoring style?

It’s hard to describe my tutoring style because I use whatever strategies and teaching methods will work best with each student. I get to know my students, their strengths and interests, and plan for them specifically.

What advice would you give to your tutoring students?

A quote that inspires me is:

Don’t give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person no matter how small.

Dr. Seuss

I think it is important for my students to know that no matter how we learn, or what we look like, we are all important and we can all make a difference.

Now for some fun stuff…what is your favourite meal?

I really like home-cooked meals (stews, soups, stir fry, etc.)

What was the last book you read? Tell us a bit about it.

The last book I read was called The Spark by Kristine Barnett. It is a wonderful nonfiction story about a mother’s perspective on raising her son Jacob. Jacob is on the Autism Spectrum and Kristine discusses some of the challenges and also the many successes her son has achieved.

Favourite Movies?

The Theory of Everything and Harry Potter.

What do you like to do outside of tutoring?

I work for the school board during the day. Outside of work, I enjoy playing ball hockey, reading nonfiction novels, hanging out with animals of all kinds, and solving word puzzles.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

I always knew I wanted to work with children, but I wasn’t sure which field specifically. When I was in high school I completed my co-op in a classroom and from then on I knew I wanted to teach. More specifically, I wanted to find ways to teach students individually based on their strengths.  

What is your favourite part of working with Access Learning?

I think our team and goals are amazing. We each bring a different dynamic to make Access Learning stand out. However, my favourite part is watching my students achieve their goals. Whether it’s a short or long term goal, their progress and achievements are truly the most rewarding.